The health and safety of our patients remains a top priority at the Tuttle & Sawmill Eye Associates

Our practice is committed to protecting the health and welfare of our patients. 
Our practice has established internal protocols in accordance with CDC and AOA guidelines. As a result, you will continue to see the following safety protocols to keep you safe when you visit our practice.
Physical Distancing & Patient Screening
• We will ask you to complete the patient registration and history forms prior to your appointment.  Your forms will be electronically sent to you in advance of your appointment.
• Your companions should remain in the waiting room unless they are a parent of a child who is being seen. 
• We will continue to ask you to wear your own mask or cloth face covering upon arrival to the facility.
Infection Control and Protective Measures 
• We will continue to take steps to help prevent the spread of infections through control measures and disinfection practices. We will continue to follow the infection control recommendations by the CDC and OSHA.
• The Doctor and all staff members will continue to wear masks. Our team will continue to wash hands before and after each patient encounter. 
Digital Retinal Screening
An eye examination requires very close contact between the Doctor and the patient. Traditional examination of the inside of your eye requires instillation of eye drops and almost cheek-to-cheek proximity. Our Doctors will continue to highly recommend all patients receive a digital retinal screening image. This new standard of care will give the Doctor a panoramic digital view of your retina without getting too close. This screening is not covered by insurance and the additional $40 co-pay is due on the day of your exam.